Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh no I am in purple!

So I am lacking sleep again, and forgot it was St Patricks day. It was another day of rolling out of bed about ten minutes prior to leaving, and throwing myself together. My boss came in asking why we didn't have on green. He was kidding with us of course, and I explained I was seriously lacking some Zzzz's! So I went into our file room, and got a tiny green dot and have it on my shirt.

Jude had several seizures last night, and Mike is not feeling well. So I have one man on my right snoring and upset, and the other little man seizing on my left. Mike and I discussed the fact that the only time Jude slept through the entire night was when he had the sedative prior to sleeping. I am going to talk to the doctor about this, and see what he thinks about the situation. So I mentioned Mike was sick. What is it in men that makes them 100% impossible when they are sick? Why can women work, run a house, etc and not be down right terrible when we are sick? Is it just in our genes? Come on men admit it.........you KNOW you are a pain when you are sick!! We try to do everything we can for you, but for some reason we become your target for some reason. Maybe you blame us for catching a cold? Anyway, hugs and smiles to my husband because I know he feels rotten.

So Emily comes home today, and I cannot wait! I am very anxious to see her. I miss her smiling face whenever she is gone. I am about to text her father to see when we can meet up. I am hoping he might bring her by my work.

So our new receptionist started today.....yes my boss let the other one go. Anyway, she is someone I know, and so far she sounds wonderful on the phone. It's a relief to have someone here that I know will be able to help.

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