Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good news and bad news

Well the good news is that Jude has been seizure free for 48 hours which is AMAZING. That means he has had two FULL nights of sleep without a seizure disturbance.

The bad news is Jude went to sleep at about nine last night at my dads, and has yet to wake up. He opened his eyes for a few minutes earlier when we insisted he wake up, but he then went right back to sleep. This is an indication the Depakote may be to strong for him, and had built up to rapidly in his blood system. We are going to keep a close watch on him. We decided if he isn't up by noon we are taking him into the emergency room.

It is nice to be seizure free for the time being though, and we hope that Jude is just tired. Maybe he is battling the cold we all went through?

We did have a blast bowling last night, and I kicked everyone's tails! Picture me singing "I am the champion" loudly. Since we were being all American and bowling Mike bought us some Sam Adams beer. I learned that I do not mix well with it because two beers in I felt very light headed, and stopped. Mike said I am a cheap date! ha! Anyway, it was nice to get away for awhile, and just spend time with good friends. Although, we did have romper room decide to occupy the lane next to us which rather defeated the adult night out. I guess that was okay because the eighties music rendition with the laser beams tracing the ceiling gave us laughs enough to make up for romper room next door.

I will keep in touch regarding Jude's situation. You might say a few prayers if you have a second.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Hey Jen, I am thinking of Jude. I hope it is just that he is getting some extra sleep he loses during his seizure nights. Please let us know how it is going .

Jennifer said...

Is it possible that he will get used to this sleepy side effect later down the road?