Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving along and questions on trachs

I hope everyone had a good New Years. We have been incredibly busy at work again, but I am taking a quick break. If the phone isn't ringing then my email is lighting up, whew wee.

So we have a lot of items going on regarding Jude right now. We are getting the in home therapy finalized for his Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy. They are just waiting for the approval to come through in regards to payment. He also had blood work done so he can go visit his neurologist to make sure his medication levels are normal. We also talked to someone today in regards to getting a mini van that is already converted. We are not in a huge hurry and they are looking around. There are a few questions I have for our seasoned special needs moms. I have been told by more than one person and medical professional that they are impressed Jude does not have a trach. They seem to add on the word "yet" in these sentences. Is a trach a normal and expected item as kids with aspiration issues grow older? I sure hope not! Poor Jude did throw up several times this weekend. Once it was so bad the nurse stayed after hours to make sure his lungs sounded clear.

Also, I have talked about traveling with Jude on my blog before. It's very difficult and Jude seems uncomfortable outside his house, yet I have another child to think about too. So it's a struggle. How have you seasoned moms handled family vacations or have you? Please share.  

Also, Jude has officially grown out of any diaper I can find in the store.....yet still no approval. Luckily our sweet diaper fairy Gena keeps dropping packages at my door. I owe her a ton! I did call the medical supply company and they are suppose to get me a price on the youth smalls. COME on Pampers..........let's get a regular line going here for those that cannot potty train.

Again, have a blessed 2012. Let's hope for great changes for the better.

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Miracles Happen said...

I am not sure what size you use or need for him. My six year old has Cerebral palsy from a brain bleed and he is not potty trained. He is about 40 pounds and size 6 from huggies still work. Also Goodnights like the training pants work too.