Thursday, January 19, 2012

A seizure

This was written by Sharlie Lee. I had to share. Even though Jude has a host of other issues and his seizures are a bit different I can relate.

A Mother's Perspective of a Seizure........

It’s putting your nose under his cheek so that he can feel your presence to know that you are there, while his tears are falling on your face.

It’s telling your son, “It’s OK baby”, when you don’t know if it will ever be ok.

It’s singing “Jesus loves me” or “Peace Like A River”, while... praying to God that they will never come back.

It’s having to gently sweep your son’s face to comfort him so that he can not be scared to go to sleep.

It’s watching him struggle to breath and gasp for air, while you watch helpless.

It’s praying to God that he will wake up the next morning so that you can spend more time with him.

It’s sitting up at night, getting your thoughts together and typing your feelings, so that you can express a mother’s love.

It’s hearing him scream, because he is terrified that one will come back and control his body.

It’s knowing that he is dealing with something that you can not control with money, love, or power.

It’s holding your head and hands up because it’s out of your control and you give it to God to conquer.

It’s hating to say the “S” word, when the word “hate” is not strong enough to tell how much pain they cause.

It’s testing a Mom’s Faith, when that is all you have left.

It’s crying your eyes out, when no one is looking because you are suppose to be the “strong one”.

It’s being grateful for each day that you have and appreciative of the small things that God gives to you.

It’s knowing in the end, there will be a time that God will be in control and these horrible seizures will not be.


Krissy said...

Do you mind if I post this on my blog?

Kelley Jean said...

omg i am in tears!!!!

Cjengo said...

No problem. I explained on FB I would be sharing