Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A smile

It's not a hidden fact that I work hard during the day. It's something I harp on ........ on a regular basis (lol). So when I get home at night I love cooking for my family and spending time talking to Em, Mike, and Jude.

Tonight I felt terrible when I got home. My throat was hurting and I felt 100% drained. It was probably brought on from the weekend and non-stop action at work.  Mike understood that I was just done for the day. So he made us dinner........with an appetizer. I was very impressed.

We then put Jude to bed and without protest Jude sat in his bed laughing in sporadic fashion. I am still sitting in the living room listening to him squeal and giggle. I also watched Emily carefully unwrap a thank you note today from a young teen that received an Emily's Smile Box. I watched a smile creep across her face as she read each word carefully. She sat the note down without a word and just smiled. Emily knew she had made an impact and the teen had made an impact on her in turn.

These are the moments that count and they make me happy.

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