Friday, January 27, 2012


Well Em and I are in Nashville currently waiting on a room at the hotel we are staying at. We caught the first flight out of DFW this morning. I used to be so afraid to fly. I think after what happened to Jude I changed my views on a lot of the world. I decided to try and put a lot of my fears aside and just enjoy life. I am thankful I have because I am able to spend valuable time with Emily that I would have enjoyed before. I still get a bit jittery boarding the flight, I still do the cross and say a little prayer. However, I no longer panic and I no longer fear planes themselves. I have actually really educated myself on them and how safe they really are.

We are here for a pageant. Emily competes in Interview and natural beauty tonight. Tonight she competes in regular beauty, swimwear, casualwear, and theme wear. Then we relax and enjoy our trip. On Sunday she is making a speech in regards to her charity to a ballroom of people. She is prepared and should do well. It will give her the opporunity to spread information in regards to helping others.

Jude is with his daddy and I will be waiting on my little video of him going to sleep tonight. I will end today by asking prayers for a family member that needs it. Thanks!

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