Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A pageant princess and a sweet boy

Emily did amazing in Nashville! She received the highest title in the 13/up age catagory! I am so very proud of her. I was already proud of who Emily is inside and out. However, I am proud of her determination to put in hard practice and stand up for a hobby she truly loves. I admire her determination and her ability to stand up for whatever she believes in whether it be her brother, her charity, or her hobby.

We had a late flight back home on Sunday, but as soon as I got home I snuck into Jude's room and kissed his forehead. He still has that sweet baby scent even though he is three years old. I sometimes wonder if that scent will always linger because of who he is. The next morning when I heard Jude's tiny squeal of laughter when he heard the garbage truck outside I ran into his room. I said "hiiiiiiiii Jude!!!" in my high pitched mommy voice. I saw his huge grin with his tiny dimple on his left cheek spread across his face. Suddenly I heard "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!". He spoke back to me!

What an amazing welcome home!


Anonymous said...

i love reading about Jude's accomplishments!! He is truly an Angel!!

debbie said...

Yay for both your babies!