Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Therapy and old mama pajama jeans

Jude's in home therapy is now rolling. We are just waiting on the final approval for payments. He will have physical, occupational, and speech therapy in home. This is in addition to the therapy he receives at school. Keep in mind that children in need of early childhood intervention receives ECI therapy until the age of 3 in TX. They will then be transferred to the public school system through special education. So far Jude's transition has been smooth with the help of his amazing teachers and wonderful nurse. Jude's life is always mimicking his first diagnosis of "wait and see", but we have all gotten a lot better with handling that diagnosis. We all seem to move in a rhythmic fashion when tending to Jude.......even Em. She sat in his bed tonight reading him his "Thomas The Train" musical book and he looked at her in wonder. Jude seems to look at everything with wonder and like a new discovery. I think the idea of finding everything new and exciting each time you see it a miracle.

So tonight when we put Jude down for bed I came out of his room tripping over my long pajama pants. I decided to proclaim something.

Me: HEY family...
Mike: Oh no
Em: I think she wants something
Me: I never want anything...........well okay maybe I do now
Mike: Uh oh
Me: For my birthday....
Mike: It's already time for your birthday??
Me: sigh
Me: I would like a new purse and some pajamas
Mike: Do they make pajurses
Em: (laughing)
Me: No you cannot combine the two requests!!!
Em: I know!!! Pajama Jeans!!!
Me: really? Pajama jeans?? am I THAT old? I just need some pj's without holes and a purse..okay people?
Mike: I don't know we will have to think about it.

Man they love me!

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Kim C. said...

I'm so glad you and your family are doing so well. Jude looks so happy and healthy in his latest pictures, he is so darn cute! I can not believe how much he has grown. I think sometimes it seems so hard to find hope, peace, and acceptance when our children are first diagnosed and we realize we will be in the world of special needs. The early years, to me, were definately the hardest. I hear so much hope and acceptance, and yes, happiness in your latest blogs. As always, thank you and thank Jude for what you both do for so many special needs moms, like myself, who need to feel like they are not alone in the world. I wish I had been able to read a blog like yours when Ashley was Jude's age. However, it still helps me alot today.