Saturday, January 21, 2012

modeling, the GI, and a little help.

Today I took Emily to a modeling/commercial audition at her request. I debated taking her all week and it was Mike who finally pulled me aside and said "SHE wants this". So I packed Em in the car and we drove to Dallas for the audition. Emily waited for almost two hours to be seen in a room full off potentials. She was nervous, but I think the pageants helped her stay more calm than I would ever be. She was called back and was asked to read a commercial. She then turned over her pictures and had a conversation. She was quickly dismissed and Emily seemed concerned that her interview was so short. I assured her that the reason could be that the lady interviewing her may already like her. Sure enough at about 6:45 she received a call back for tomorrow. So tonight I sat Emily down and explained to her that if this is truly her passion she is going to have to ask her dad and his family for some help. With my job I am going to have to have help getting her to functions. She is now bouncing off my walls!

As a reminder to those that know me I am working on collecting items for a very good friend who is in need. Many times in life people face desperate times, but they don't reach out. When we found out about Jude and Mike had to quit his job I had friends walk in my house with hands full of clothes, diapers, toys, and more. So I have vowed to pay it forward throughout the remainder of my life. We have held many drives for those in need and I know it gets on people's nerves, but if you could spare a little to help someone we would really appreciate it. I am collecting diapers, formula, wipes, and household items. I am also collecting grocery gift cards. Sometimes families in need just need to stay anonymous, but know it will really touch their hearts.

Jude is well. He went to his GI doctor on Friday. We were told that Jude has lost a little weight, but that he looks "the best he has seen him". He seemed very impressed and even said Jude does NOT need a nutritionist. He explained that any increasing off foods will be done through his office. It was nice to hear that Jude is doing so well. I am hoping 2012 will be a great year.

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