Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mike's scare, Jude's gift, and Hanging on

Mike and I try to spend lunch together once a week and today was our weekly visit. We chat about work, home, and play Scramble on our Iphones against each other.........yes we are THAT couple. Anyway, it's nice to spend some time together. Well today at our lunch date Mike said he when he got up this morning he went to check on Jude. He said he stopped suddenly in the doorway because Jude looked "lifeless" and when he touched Jude's hand it was ice cold. I said, "Oh babe he was just sleeping soundly". Mike agreed with me, but you could tell he was a bit shaken up. Quietly he said, "It happens you know". I replied, "Yes I do know...it happened to our friend (name withheld) but there is no reason to worry over something that potentially will never happen". Jude is with us and he is doing the best he has done in a long time! He is happy, healthy, and making progress........so I will take it!

Having Jude has always put things in life in perspective. When we think we are at the end of our rope or just cannot take anymore.........remember that you can. Life always has a way of working out as long as we have our family, friends, and our health. I try to convey to people that life will always work out and it's not as bad as it seems, but sometimes it's hard to explain it in the right way.

Another hard part of life me is watching some parents of special needs kids pushing their little ones so hard. New drugs, new routines, new doctors, more appointments, etc.........sometimes it's okay to just let life happen. To give our kids the best you can and spend time with your child. I mentioned once that a doctor told Mike........"Many times with children like Jude it's the parents that cause their untimely demise by searching for normal". I think that was a really profound statement. So we achieved finding the right combination of seizure medications, the right diet, and found a great pediatrician we can follow up with. Jude has weekly therapy sessions, but his doctor visits are now limited to "as needed" and every three month check ups. Maybe I am wrong to not search out the greatest and newest technological advances for Jude, but he is happy. For me........it's just about him being healthy, happy, and loved.

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Gilda said...

Well said Jenn!!...keep loving on Precious Jude.