Tuesday, July 6, 2010

well $@#% !

It seems like when we get one situation handled, another doozie creeps up. Does anyone else feel this way? It seems that due to the economy my employer is going to have to switch health insurance. We are going to individual plans. The good news is that he will continue to pay my insurance. The bad news is that Jude doesn't qualify for the personal plan, and therefore has to go through the state pool. It's basically like having a a damaged house that needs insurance, and when it's turned down by everyone you have to put the house through the state. Well that plan isn't cheap, and since it's a private plan the state will no longer reimburse me for his insurance. I have been so incredibly stressed out today that I have literally made myself sick. Not to mention I have been up since 4am with Jude.

We have kept Jude's primary insurance in force because the HIPPA program was allowing us to by reimbursing us. Also Jude's neurologist, pediatrician, and GI specialist all DO NOT take medicaid. So the only option we have is to let his insurance run out, and fall on the medicaid. I am distraught! We will have to pay out of pocket for the neurologist, and replace the other doctors with ones that do accept medicaid.

I understand my boss had to do this, he didn't have a choice, it just stinks. I am so stressed! Not sure why life cannot just level out.

The good news is, Jude seems to be well, and Em comes home tomorrow.


Candace said...

Oh crap, Jenn! I can't believe that. What a bad turn of events. I sure hope that the transition is not as bad as you fear. Hugs, my friend!

sarah said...

that really sucks! My only suggestion is to contact the office managers for all his specialists and explain the situation. They may decide to apply to accept medicaid, or they may know of other ways to get him covered. Have you checked with to see if your state has a bureau for children with medical handicaps ( AKA BCMH)? Here in Ohio they paid for all kinds of disability related tests for my older son--including tests to rule out the dx. Once the diagnostic phase is done, you can apply for help with the treatment phase.

here is a link to see if it is available in your state http://www.mchb.hrsa.gov

Preemie Miracle said...

Good luck. Our son had disablity insurance in Arizona. When we moved states we couldn't get insurance unless it was a group plan. We paid 1200 for cobra to cover him for over a year. We did even move to different docs. It makes me really look forward to the changes in universal healthcare. It would be so helpful in situations like this.

jocalyn said...

Insurance should cover your therapies a little, then Medicaid will kick in. Is it possible that your deductible will be met from hospital stays (if they bill Medicaid secondary) and therapy? You may be surprised to find out that even with just a little insurance as primary and Medicaid covering the visits that will bill them, your out of pocket won't be too much because you've already spent so much on other things.

I would also call your MDCP case worker and see if she has ideas. Ours helped me through a few gaps between insurance and medicaid last week.

Just when you think you have things figured out... good luck.