Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend with Jude.

It's been a busy weekend with Scentsy, and spending time with Jude. Jude has a few new bruises, but I am still hoping they are just from being on his tummy, restraining during fits, or something else other than his medication. Jude has also had some serious seizures this weekend, but the good news is that he has been in a good mood. He is really trying hard to keep his head up too. For the first ever I saw him hold his head up, and turn it to the right.

I took Jude to a Scentsy party this weekend, and I had placed him on a mat on the floor. It was my friends house, and I knew they would want to see him. While I was helping with orders I heard my friends daughter say "Oh how cute he is throwing his hands up and giggling". I turned around, and said "Oh no that means he is seizing!". Poor things, they teared up because they thought he was playing, and I felt so terrible. I reassured them, "This is okay, he will be okay, the laughing seizures are easier to hear than the crying seizures". Hopefully it made them feel a little better. This is a daily routine to us, and I forget others are not used to it all.

I wish Judes nurse was coming tomorrow so she could check him over, but she will be back on Tuesday. I am going to give him a bath tonight, and check for any other bruising.

Mike is a busy bee with his photography this weekend, and I ma very happy for him.

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