Monday, July 12, 2010

Video's and updates

Here are a few video's and photo's from this weekend. I am very proud of the first one, it shows Jude reacting to his toy, and reaching for the button to make the music play. He doesn't cooperate after the first time, but I was still very happy with him accomplishment.

The second video shows Emily sneaking up on Jude while he is sleep eating. He caught her which I think is hilarious. It proves to me that Jude really has more vision than we think. I think his vision is limited to his left eye, but he is "looking" more.

Jude still has his bruises, but they are healing which is great. He has also had some nasty diapers, but other than that he seems well. We are still keeping a close watch on him.

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Gilda said...

Hi, Jenn I think its great on how much Jude is accomplishing. I love that he turned to you after he saw Emily:)