Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teething sucks

Jude is still having a terrible time teething. He was up and down last night from three am on. We have tried most everything for his teeth. The phenobarbital made Judes gum hard. It seems a tooth will pop through, and then it will sink back into his gums again. The other day I picked Jude up, and blood went pouring down my arm from Jude's mouth.

I am hoping this situation resolves soon. I also feel terrible because Jude doesn't know how to communicate with us that he is in pain except to grunt, and whine. Hopefully someday he will be able to tell us he is hurting, and what he needs.


Skye is the Limit! said...

The only thing that has ever worked for Skye is Motrin. None of the numbing things have ever worked.
When she is in any kind of pain, whether it be from CF, teething, ect motrin is the only way to go with her. I know a lot of doctor would say tylenol is better because it saves kidneys but it hurts livers, so we have to be on the liver saver :)haha

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Poor baby! Can he chew on a cold washcloth maybe? We put a wet cold washcloth in the freezer for a bit and let Malek chew in it. Seems to help. That and the door stop. Got me - it's rubber and feels good I guess. Good luck! Jenn