Friday, July 16, 2010

A quick update

Jude seems to be doing fairly well this week. He has had a lot of seizures, and several that are very sad to watch, but overall he seems healthy. I have noticed that Jude is really turning towards us more when we talk to him, and he is getting pretty good at eye contact. He even tries to look back at me if I am talking while holding him.

The nurse has already made a tremendous difference with him, and he seems so much happier than he was. Mike is great with Jude, but I think they had both reached their maximum tolerance level. I have noticed that Jude is also getting more independent, and will complain because he wants to be put down. Once you put him on his mat he will play with his toy, or stare at it for awhile. The nurse has had him in his stander several times this week, and that has started a new interest in Judes feet. Today he looked like he was reaching for them, but he got tired quickly.

Jude has also eaten some baby food this week, and seems to be doing well on the addition of the Boost. I am still hunting a pediatrician that accepts Medicaid. If anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate hearing about them.

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jocalyn said...

glad to hear he's getting in some standing made the biggest difference in kendall's head control.

did you guys get a new stander? if so, i'd like the other one back to give to a residential home for kiddos like ours in arlington. no hurry :)