Friday, July 23, 2010

Jude, and Em

Jude did wonderful last night holding his head up. When I picked him up, and rested him on my hip he would keep his head up for about 4 seconds before it fell. He would do this over, and over again, and I told him I was very proud of him. The more Jude learns about keeping his head up, and being on the move the better his outlook for life expectancy is. Children that do not move tend to get pneumonia a lot. We already had one issue with pneumonia, and we hope we can avoid that in the future.

Yesterday Emily found out that she won the Barnum award silver level with Ringling Brothers. On July 28th she will get to be their guest at their opening show in Dallas. She will be given $750 for Emily's Smile Boxes, and a medal. She will also get to stay to watch the circus. She was so excited when I called to tell her about the award, but after squealing with excitement, she stopped and said "Wait does Jude get to come too?". She is always so concerned about Jude, and it really touched my heart. They just adore each other. Here is a picture of when Jude saw Emily when she got back from a week at her dads house.

I was going to add another image showing you that Jude looks like Edward Cullen again, but it seems Blogger is having some issues. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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