Thursday, July 29, 2010

Booking Jude's birthday

I went to book Jude's second birthday party today. I decided to hold it at the Gymboree Play and Music that Jude loved as a baby. I talked with the teachers there, and told them Jude's situation. They are going to customize his party to fit his needs and to cater to the younger, and older children who will attend. I am happy we found a place to have his party, for some reason I was a bit hesitant booking it this year. While I was there the two year old class was playing. I don't feel sorry for Jude, or us regarding his situation, but I still mourn for the child trapped within Jude's stroke. Sometimes I think I am the only mom left around that still has little pity parties. It's strange, but they just happen, and are very fleeting. By the time I get home, and I see Jude smiling at me I am once again thankful for who Jude is. I am looking forward to celebrating another year of Jude's life.

Occasionally I get emails from people regarding educating myself on seizures, and other issues. This morning I received one on children suddenly dying from epilepsy. I know it sounds terrible, but the article is educational. This seems to apply more to children that move in their sleep vs Jude who doesn't.

Summer is winding down, and Emily is beginning to think about going to middle school. We have a clarinet to buy for band, school clothes to purchase, and lunches to buy. It's a lot to do, but we will have it all wrapped up soon. I know Mike will miss having Emily around during the day. She has been a big help lately. We started a chore jar, and every time she completes a chore she puts a bead in her jar. When it is filled up to the top she gets $50 cash (it's a big jar). Mike is also doing well, and is getting more involved in his photography. You can become his fan on facebook here:!/pages/Fort-Worth-TX/Mike-ortiz-Photography/130589006974629?ref=ts&__a=6&ajaxpipe=1

Jude had a horrible day yesterday, his teeth were really bothering him. Mike was without the nurse, and was at his wits end. At one point he just put Jude in his crib to cry because he couldn't take anymore. I kept telling him I really thought it was Jude's teeth, but it's hard to tell. So when I got home I lathered him in ore jel, and then snuck some motrin in his bottle. Within thirty minutes Jude was a happy camper again, and snuggled into my arms. Finally I got to take a good look into his mouth, and that huge molar has finally broken through. Although, now it seems two more and trying to pop up. I will really be glad when the teething is over. On Tuesday the nurse said Jude had a 7 minute seizure, and I am sure it's from the teething. I am so glad she is there to assist him when the seizures strike.

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jocalyn said...

ugh. i feel your pain with the teething. kendall went to the dentist again on monday...she has 2 more sets of molars breaking through. poor babies.