Sunday, July 20, 2008


Good Morning everyone! I ventured out today to get some food and it was nice to be in the sunshine. My orders say bedrest except bathroom, but I have to get up to eat anyway!! So I guess since I am feeling some better I should explain. Monday at work I just wasn't feeling very well at all. My back was hurting so bad that I felt I was going to throw up. I am so sick of complaining that I just rode it out until about 3 at work. Then when I did start throwing up I told Sarah that I couldn't take it anymore, and went to labor and delivery. I had called the dr prior to leaving and we both assumed this was the issue with the kidneys. So the plan was she was going to flush an IV through me to open the ureters, and I would feel much better thus letting me go home that night or the next morning. Once I got there I guess L+D paged her telling her she needed to come in because there was another issue. I had noticed my pain was getting worse, but I was just waiting in my bed on monitors. Next thing I know a nurse is coming in with a huge shot telling me I was in pre-term labor. Hold up buddy I don't know where you are sticking that thing, but it's NOWHERE until I know whats being given to me and my kiddo. I am not one for medicine! I could never be a drug body doesn't respond well to meds and I don't like them. Well my dr came in and in a stern voice told me this was pre-term labor I was having contractions every 3 minutes and I had to have this shot. Weird thing is with Em I had normal contractions. With this one it was back labor........ um that sucks people sorry if you have endured it. The back labor then went into the normal tightening and pain in your uterus but gees. My friend Ginger tried to describe back labor to me, and she was right it sucks. So the shot worked!!! Although it's pretty much like having speed pumped into your body. My heart rate would run about 130 and I was a jittery fool! The meds wore off about every 4 hours and I would start the contraction routine again. They would vary from 1 every 3 minutes to every minute. There was one time they were monitoring me and I did not feel them even though they picked them up. For the most part though I knew there was an issue, and the contractions hurt. So the DR came in and suggested a leg pump of the terbutaline (sp?) and if that doesn't work mag sulfate...YUCK! No thanks to the mag sulfate.... thank goodness the leg pump worked. So basically since I have been sent home I have a small port that attaches to a catheter in my leg, and a pump gives me a small dose of meds every hour, and large dose every 4 hours. My hubby changes out my meds every day and inserts a new port into my leg every 5 days. He is a brave soul huh?? I am also hooked up to a monitor twice a day for an hour each time that monitors me for contractions. It transmits via the phone line like a fax to nurses that then call within 30 mins. I am all high tech here people!! They also gave me two steroid shots to increase Jude's lungs so in case he is born he should have a good chance!!! The good news is I am at home and I am enjoying that very much! I sleep a lot better here then I do at the hospital and I think that has to help the contractions. They scared me before I left because they were monitoring me again and said Jude's heart was not accelerating like they liked. Um ok I can handle any issues with me just no more with Jude ok God? Gees! So I guess he heard me because he started responding again. My little girl Em has been great fact she just painted my toes :). She went to her cousins last night to sleep over and I am glad she got the break. I am tired of looking like poo and feeling like poo, but I know it's not much longer. I am also really tired of stressing over my job, but I cannot seem to help it. My boss didn't plan for me to be out this early. I will do ok here from home, but he just doesn't know that yet. I wish we could just win the lottery....I mean someone has to win right? ha! Now for one funny part....when you turn off the pump it beeps and vibrates until you get everything changes. Well it was sitting on my tummy and every time it vibrated Jude kicked it! lol. Also, I cannot use my cell phone within 6 inches of the ok. So I am home with my great little set up Mike has made for me. I have the lap top here WITH a mouse, my fax, my printer, and my phone. I am ready for the work week and to be ....... normal.

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Katie said...

Holy &%^%$!!! I didn't realize they left the pump in your leg at home too!!!!

I'm glad everything is okay now! *hugs*

--KatieFabulous =oD