Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's 4th of July weekend

Hooray the weekend is here....WELL almost anyway. I enjoy the 4th of July and we will get to shoot off some fireworks this weekend. I do feel really sorry for my hubby lately. I cannot sleep at all at night anymore, and to top it off I have a summer cold. So therefore, I cannot breathe when I lay down and that makes it ten times worse. Last night I woke up at 12:30 and did not go back to sleep until after 5. I only fell asleep because I turned around and was sleeping at the foot of the bed with my head propped up. So he said he was worried he was going to kick me and couldn't sleep. Anyway, I am at work though today and I am EXHAUSTED. I have had about three nights of no sleep. Yeah yeah I have a cold because I didn't have enough going on ya know? All you can do is laugh about it though. Oh and I am starting to get the comments from my customers "So are you sick of the summer yet?" "You ready to have that baby yet?". I am waiting on my all time favorite..........."So you haven't had that baby yet". Swear I will answer them "Well yes I actually I did and I just stayed very fat!". lol! I am not in a bad or negative mood so don't get me wrong. I am just honest in my blogs and honestly will tell you a part of pregnancy (the last 2 months) is well not comfortable! So at night I struggle with the cold, the kidney, etc. It seems Jude is so long too his feet sit right around my sternum. I am anxious to see what he will look like!!!
I was thinking last night again about our visit to the perinatalist and how positive he was. I am very happy that so far things are looking brighter for our Jude. I am not oblivious though to the fact he may very well still have issues. Although, it's been a rocky road and I am glad we made the decision to proceed with this pregnancy. It was a huge struggle making that decision and once we did I felt a huge relief. Everyone says I am strong for doing so, but I do want to stress I believe in a quality of life vs quantity. I would not want to live as a vegetable and I do not wish this for my child. Of course, I looked at the situation as a whole. There are many preemie's born each day that struggle and end up having serious issues. Would be do away with them?? Of course not because they are our children. Then again if Jude had come back positive with Trisomy we would have ended the pregnancy. I would not want to bring someone into the world knowing what a horrible struggle they would have in front of them. Just as if I were in a horrible wreck and were brain dead I would hope Mike would let me go. There are lots of issues you could go back and forth on here. Like the fact we did our research and many preemie's have brain bleeds like Jude did and recover from it. It looks as if he did too and we will keep the faith he did. Have a safe and happy weekend all.

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