Friday, July 25, 2008


Well I am very grumpy today. I have tried to stay positive and I have just lost it today so bear with me. You know when you see a story on the news and someone says, "well she was just so great she never complained" Yeah that's NOT ME! I am sick of being sick! I am tired of not feeling well. I don't like working from home although I am lucky that I am because we need the money. I would rather be in the office helping Sarah out as much as I can. I enjoy being with Emily, but she has to be getting bored. Luckily my aunt took her out yesterday and she had a great time. I am also sick of being poked with needles and having medicine being inserted into my veins that makes me feel like a speed addict. The meds make me jittery, my heart race, and something is lowering my blood pressure so I can only assume that's the issue. This morning? I woke up puking probably from the meds. I am tired of wondering if the baby is going to be ok and constantly trying to feel him move to reassure myself he is still there. I love that I have people calling to check on me, and at the same time I have nothing new to report so I would rather not even talk and complain anymore. I am sure I am just a thrill to have on the phone. I am tired of not feeling pretty, not feeling like getting ready, and having nothing fit. Oh the joys of pregnancy. I know I need to keep Jude in as long as possible, but I will also be very happy when he is born. I just hope he is ok.

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