Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In the hospital

Well here I am again supporting the salaries at Baylor hospital! I went into the doctor's office yesterday and I was having severe back pain and it turned out to be back labor. I was having serious contractions about every 4-6 minutes. I also have some other issues going on so the doctor stuck me back in here. So now I am entertaining myself via lap top and the phone. Bad thing is I cannot access myspace or anything halfway entertaining in here. So they did do a sonogram of Jude and for the first time I fell very much in love with him. Not that I wasn't before it's just been a very trying pregnancy and I was a bit hesitant to get attached. Well yesterday my little boy had a big yawn on the sonogram and then got the hiccups because he took in to much fluid. It was very cute. He was blinking and turned and looked at us on the sonogram. He weighs a little over 4 pounds right now. His legs measure ahead of his body, but I figured he had some long legs. They seem to reach up to my lungs! Ok now for the not so good platelet level dropped again and is now at 87,000. Back when I was about 18 weeks along I showed up at the ER in severe pain which turned out to be from the kidney issue. At that time the ER dctr said my platelet level was a bit low but nothing to be concerned about. It seems it has steadily dropped since that time period. I almost feel like the right hand has not been communicating with the left hand, but I am sure they just didn't know what to do. So the perinatilist seems a bit concerned about this and thinks it's IPT, but my OB seems to think it's just brought on by pregnancy. So I guess the two of them got together and decided to bring in blood specialist. I swear the vampires just took enough blood to transfuse a city. So they will test all that and then do another abdominal CT on me to see what they can find. Honestly, I am the type of person that always said if I had a serious disease I am not sure I would want to know. I think people probably go throughout their lives happy and oblivious. Knowing somehow brings a person down. The platelet issue from what I have read does explain all my medical issues I have had. I was a very healthy girl before the pregnancy. Although the dr said I may have only thought I was healthy and the pregnancy aggravated the underlying issue (that's re-assuring) sigh. I do have a very nice nurse named Tammy that I have gotten to know in the hospital. She is pretty funny and does a good job of keeping me entertained. I am hoping I can get this IV out and take a bath!!! That would make my day. Anyway, she started naming all the blood tests off and we were looking them up on my lap top..ha ha ha! One of them was HIV .. ummmmmm considering I have had 2 different Ob's I have now had 3 hiv tests and besides that have a clean lifestyle. Plus overall I am healthy and don't fit the mold for leaukemia, lupus, etc. I am going for pregnancy induced Thrombocytopenia which I would only have a MODERATE form of. Anything about a 50,000 count is mild or moderate. Hopefully, everything will be just fine. Anyway, I need some entertainment people. Email me or!


luane said...

Hey there! You know me, your daily reader.. but some times I feel like a stalker! LOLOLOL
I see you need some emails, so I am doing my part. I wish I had something exciting to share with you but... nope, nothing. You know me, I live to make sashes.... day in , day out...So I have to live thru other people. LOL
If you need anything, just email me. Keep your blog updated with any new info and know that there are alot of people out there praying for you and your family.
I know things are going to turn out fine in the end.

luane said...

Oh, and by the way, I am very proud of myself that I learnd how to leave a comment.. It only took me several months!!

Holly Hobbie said...

HI Jen,
I'm not sure you remember us or not....Sierra, Chloe and Sophie Tims. Chloe competed with Emily....anyway I have been following your blog. I just wanted to let you know Sophie was diagnosed with ITP when she was three. She is great, healthy and has little problems with the ITP as long as we watch her and monitor her what meds she takes and such. We do have to watch her tooth enamel.
GOod luck just know that ITP is not as scarey as it sounds.

Holly, Granna and the girls