Friday, July 18, 2008


I am home from the hospital and I am relieved! I was so tired of sitting in that bed and eating hospital food. I have the leg pump and we have a monitor that is hooked up to our phone line. I kind of feel like I am on house arrest. Before we left the hospital they did a sono on Jude. It seems his brain vent has increased to 12 again, and that there is a dark spot by his cerebellum. They are unsure what the dark spot is. My OB said not to worry to much because you can get different measurements from different sono machines. It's hard not to worry though. It's hard not to wonder if we are going through all this just to have something tragic happen. Surely, that is not the case though. Anyway, some extra prayers would be great. I am very thankful though to be home in my own house and to sleep in my own bed! I also get to work from home which will be great and keep me busy!

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Anonymous said...

hey Jenn you are in my prayers if you need anything or need someone to talk to im here... my hubbys in the field and there is only so much to say to a 10,9 and 6 yr old... :) i dont know if i told you but i love the name Jude its so manly