Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dr Moser update

Aw my nice little doctor I really like her!

The good news ~ I just got back from the OB. She had spoken with the perinatlist so she had some updates. She also did a sono of Jude today in the office. She did not measure his head because she said he looked "normal" and had grown a lot. As of right now I will not have any more appts with the perinatlist (dr doom) hooray!!!! She said they all agree it's a rather remarkable case, and are all wanting me to do another MRI at 34 weeks to help others in the future. I told her I would consent to one, but only for their scientific research. I don't want the results because it really wouldn't matter at this point anyway. Once Jude is born the pediatrician will perform a head sonogram. If needed Jude will then be transported to Cooks to the neurosurgery dept, but we are very hopeful he will be normal. :) He was moving around in his sono and the little stinker has gone transverse again. He was kicking at the sonogram though and you can tell he is very long!!! I think he will be a tall boy. I am amazed we were given such a grim outlook he had a stroke in utero, a small cerebellum, a small corpus collasum, etc etc yet he has pulled through. There is no guarantee that he will not have issues, or that his brain patterns have filled in properly. There is a guarantee though we will love him regardless!

The not so good news news ~ due to the pregnancy my kidney's are now both affected from the hydropnephrosis, and I also now have gallstones. She is worried the gallstones are causing issues with my liver because they are backing up into the ducts, and so they did some blood tests ...... always something with this pregnancy just DANG!. She did assure me it's the pregnancy causing the issues so i am really not worried. Hopefully, the blood test shows there are no problems and I can keep right on working right up until the due date, but just bear in mind I am in pain if I am pissy. lol! It seems to be worse in the morning. Anyway, I am shooting to deliver him 8/29. I will let you guys know for sure. I would say my last day at work will probably be 8/27 which is a Wed.

Finally some dates to work with :) She may not deliver me until 9/2, but Em is with me the weekend of the 29th and that would be ideal. She could just take off school that Friday.

Thank you to everyone that has prayed, hoped, wished, and thought of us throughout this ordeal. I especially thank my family for listening to all my tears and heartache. I know it's not easy listening to someone in pain, or sick. Thank you for also listening to my joy.

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