Monday, July 28, 2008


Mondaaaaaaay. I am busy working from home making calls, taking payments, writing policies, etc. It keeps me busy and I am happy I have work to do. Mike has his brother's truck and it isn't working so he is stuck at home too. It's nice to have some company through the day though. Although he keeps turning lights off on me and I already feel like I am inside too much! I guess he forgets I am sitting at the bar! It was a pretty good weekend. Fri night I started contracting again and that was annoying. The nurses kept finding them on the monitor and wanted me to give myself a demand dose through my pump. I was just minutes away from getting my large dose though so I refused, and the large dose did the trick. I know my body and I don't need a mand dose on top of a regular dose. That would be like giving my cat a HUGE dose of catnip! Talk about bouncing off the walls. I seemed to contract that day no matter what, but honestly I think that is just going to happen with this pregnancy. I know I will start contracting no matter what, but these aren't braxton hicks. Let's just hope this means my labor will go quick. Although my dr is talking about a c section again. Ugh, I really didn't want one! Other than that things are well. I have developed a rash, but preggo women get weird things all the time. I guess the dr will check it out. I am guessing she will take another look at Jude again tomorrow too. She said she thought his head looked really good at the last visit so I am hoping she is right!
So my hubby and I were talking about old times in high school last night, and after he mentioned someones name I realized I worked with his ex wife's ex boyfriend. Make sense? It's a long story, but basically it's just a small dang world. Honestly, Mike and I seemed to have parallel lives and I swear we could have been a movie. Have you ever seen that move Made in Heaven where she is walking down the street and walks right past him. Well Mike and I were honestly probably in the same places throughout our entire lives, but never met until a few years ago. We knew the same people, had the same friends, etc. It was just a strange circumstances. I guess we were not suppose to meet through until we had plenty of time to work out any prior issues we had so we would truly appreciate each other. I guess fate and God just wanted to make sure it was the right time. Well everyone have a good week. I will post some pics later when I get myself upstairs.

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