Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shower day

It's the day of Jude's shower and it's pretty exciting. For a long time I felt very hesitant about having a shower, or buying anything for the baby. There really cannot be much worse than walking through a house looking at an empty bassinet you bought for a child that didn't make it into our world. I feel for the women that have to experience such a loss. So as we look at our ray of sunshine that seems to be bursting through the clouds we always remember those who have not received good news. We still hope and pray that when Jude is born they will find nothing wrong. That he will breathe fine, get a great apgar score, and be a normal baby. I am off to make Emily some mac and cheese. Again, have a great weekend everyone.

Thanks for my wonderful friends and family for hosting this great occasion for us.

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