Sunday, April 17, 2011


The rash is fading, the fever is gone, and the cough is a bit better. Emily looks super skinny but she is coming out of the worst of this. I know her fatigue can last awhile but I think she is doing much better. I am about to take her out for a walk in the sun. The vitamin D can help her and I want to get her strength back a little.

I am currently watching Jude play with his little spin wheel. He uses a closed fist and can only slightly turn the dial to make his toy sing, but the point is that he is getting the task accomplished. Jude is still a bit groggy from the new medication, but he seems in good spirits overall. Tomorrow is the meeting with the school regarding Jude attending special education when he is 3. Our early childhood intervention only lasts until age 3 here and then he must attend school. I have been told that our school district can provide home bound teachers for those with compromised immune systems. I have to work tomorrow, but I know Mike will ask all the questions I would want to know. He only has Jude's best interest at heart.

We are hoping to hear something about Mike's potential job tomorrow. We are praying and crossing our fingers. This job could really change our lives. If Emily continues to improve we will still try to go to Kentucky in May. She was really looking forward to it. She is pretty upset she missed her charity function last night, but we didn't want to take the risk.

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