Friday, April 15, 2011

Emily update

Gees. Emily woke up today and her entire body looks like this.

Luckily we had the doctor appointment scheduled at 10am. Their main concern is Emily's continued fever and they also heard crackling in her chest. The lung X ray showed some thickening of the bronchial wall so they took a blood count to rule out an infection they aren't finding. We are pending the blood results and then we will know if we need to treat her further. They believe the rash is related to the Mono virus attacking her body.

Overall Em seems in pretty good spirits. She looks bad but she sounds better and is able to walk around. So we are keeping an eye on her. I have pretty much determined that if Emily's fever spikes again this weekend and the CBC results show positive I am taking her back to Children's. Hopefully this is all just viral related and Emily will start to get over this.


Bronx Cataldo's said...

yup thats the rash. It is usually caused by antibiotics that react with the mono virus. That was the only symptom that Finnian had the rash. Maura was having high temps spikes for about a week and she was very tired for a while.

Jamie said...

We just finished with mono running through our house as well. It started with Carly and Kenneth and then spread to the baby. They had fever, fatigue, the rash, swollen lymph nodes, and Carly had petichiae under her tongue and in her throat. Luckily I had it in junior high so I was spared repeat misery. I hope Emily is well soon and the rest of you escape it!