Friday, April 1, 2011

April fools

We had a GREAT night last night and that's no April Fools. We went to Bricks and ate yummy food and I enjoyed some yummy wine......hence my headache today, but it was worth it. When we got home we all went through over 100 Emily's Smile Boxes her school put together to make sure they contained all the right items. There were many boxes we had to re-do and we would crack up as we were fixing them. We had such a good time that Mike even thanked us for being a part of our family. It was wonderful. The only down part of last night was Jude had five really bad diapers. They reminded me of the C Diff incident he had, but we will hope it's not rearing it's nasty head. This is the second day of nasty diapers so we will keep a watch on it.

So Emily has been on a "prank" kick lately. She put a rubber band around the spray nozzle on our sink which got me the other night. She then put handmade confetti on Mike's ceiling fan blades in his man cave. Well last night Mike was laying in our bed and looked up at our ceiling fan and discovered more confetti. Well Em was fast asleep upstairs and Mike decided to get her back. He snuck into her room and said "EMILY" she woke up with a startle and screamed very loud as her confetti came hurling towards her. Gotta love our family! 


The Onion said...

Hello, I ran across your post on BlogHer, which led me here. COme over to and read my latest post about my niece Maddie, who rocks! We are headed to a special needs playground this month in TX.

We did a few pranks in our house today too. he...

The Onion said...

I also forgot to mention that Maddie had Infantile Spasms, like your son. Although they are being diagnosed more readily, it still feel rare to meet others. Happy Friday!