Thursday, April 14, 2011


My stress level is really high today I am at my max. I am not sure why because goodness knows we have dealt with more pressing situations. Mike said he thinks it's the combo of everyone being sick and waiting to hear about his job. He came to my work and took me to lunch which made me feel a lot better. I was in great spirits until I got back and Emily called. She said that she had thrown up because she is coughing so much. I understand she is going to feel horrible but I haven't been through mono. I am not sure what is normal and what isn't. I have put a call into the doctor just to see what they say about the cough. I did check her pulse ox and last night it was at 96 and her temp is still high. Jude is looking pale and still isn't feeling 100% but he doesn't have the symptoms Emily does. Emily is stark pale and just looks awful.

I really felt out of sorts last night and again today. I also feel stuck between my job and home. Emily probably needs to be seen today but I have to work. I have a responsibility to my job but a greater responsibility to her. So I am trying to coordinate with Mike to get her to the doctor. While typing this they did call back and said they are a little worried about the cough and just want to check her out. Now to break the news to Mike and ask him to take her.

I will be really glad when this sickness is gone.

Ps. Em just called she threw up on the carpet. sigh! I need a house cleaner and a carpet cleaner.

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