Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh Em is getting stir crazy and it's not pleasant. She feels horrible, but she wants to go back to school. She is so bored, but is just miserable. We watched American Idol tonight which held some entertainment, but not for long.

Jude is also miserable, but is not running a fever tonight. He has had Motrin and Tylenol around the clock so that could be why he doesn't have a temp. He doesn't want to be put down for any reason and only wants to be held. He literally whimpers if you put him down. about to pull out her hair. It's a little before ten and I just sat down to play on the computer. Jude is angry so I am going to have to pick him up.

Send Calgon, Wine, and chocolate!!! It's an emergency!!! lol Mike and Em are fighting because they are cooped up. I think even Bigs is going a little cuckoo!

Lord what I would give for my mom right now. I would love her to come swooping in with dinners fixed, a pat on the back, and a helping hand. I remind myself things could be worse, but man.........this really stinks.

Ps ~ As sick as you are of hearing about all this is as sick as I am of living it, lol! Remember you have to have humor ;)

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