Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A fever

I was playing with Jude last night and I noticed he felt very warm. When I took his temp under his arm his temp read 99.9. I gave him some Motrin and it brought the fever back down. Now today our nurse said Jude's heart rate was elevated, his temp was up, and he had rapid breathing. They put a call into the pediatricians office. When the pediatrician called back Charlotte informed her that the Motrin lowered his fever and his vitals went back to normal. So therefore, they decided to play this on a wait and see basis. If his fever gets over 101 then we have to call back and take him in. Well in my math work book adding a degree last night (from under the arm) would have put him right about the 101.

Anyway, Mike called to let me know what they had said and we chatted about it. Mike wants to have him tested like I do for the Mono but then again we see the other side too. There isn't much they can do if he does have it and he is going to have to get more sick before they hospitalize him. Which if it's mono and we pray it isn't we are pretty much guaranteed that is where he will end up. I am holding out hope that Jude is teething again.

Emily was feeling much better last night but she is down and out again today. Our life is pretty much in chaos right now. The good news is Mike had an incredible job interview with the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. I am crossing my fingers and toes that he gets this job.

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