Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday everyone

Emily went to school today.........we will see how long she lasts. She did eat better yesterday. Mike explained that she needed to eat the food for fuel and that she is about -5 pounds away from being admitted. Our friend sent her a pizza at lunch and then another great friend sent chicken taco's last night for all of us. It was truly a blessing. We have been very busy lately and it was nice to not worry about dinner.

Jude is going through a phase where he does not want to be put down for any reason. Mike said Charlotte is having to hold him most the day and then I hold him at night. I have been through this with him before and he will move out of the phase. He could have something going on nuero wise that causes issues we cannot see. So maybe us holding him makes him feel more secure.

I have to work today and it is super super slow. The only thing we have really done is take a payment for a customer who went to their agents office to pay and they were closed. I am thankful for my job and I am here to serve my customers :). I am going to get all my paperwork wrapped up today since we are not busy.


sarah said...

Just an idea, but what about making a milkshake for Emily but using ensure or boost instead of milk...or having carnation instant breakfast as the drink with her meals? Years ago I worked in a nursing home and they used to make milkshakes with ensure ( instead of milk) for the underweight residents.

Cjengo said...

Thanks! She hates boost on it's own and I do have carnation instant breakfast at home but she hasn't wanted to drink it so far.

sarah said...

if she is more the fruit smoothie type, you might consider making a fruit smoothie at home with protein powder added. One I have at home was about $10 for a huge container at wal-mart, and has 170 calories per scoop ( about the size of a formula scoop). I personally make one for myself with frozen fruit, a single serve yogurt cup, a scoop of protein powder and enough milk for the right consistency.

I know right now it is a calories thing for her--you need to get enough calories in her to keep her healthy, and she just doesn't have the appetite or desire to eat. I had this issue with my youngest a few times--he had bad cases of gastroenteritis as a toddler and would stop eating for up to 10 days at a time. I can remember having to force feed him a pedialyte slushie because he hadn't peed in like 8 hours, maybe more.