Monday, April 4, 2011

Secret Millonaire and more

Jude didn't throw up tonight which is great. This gave us some family time without any issues. We TIVO the show "Secret Millionaire" and we all sat down as a family to watch it. Again it's one of those shows like Extreme Makeover that many people I know choose not to watch because it causes many tears and emotions to flow. I feel it's my duty to watch the show because we all take for granted everything that is laid in our laps. I think my life can be hard at times, but I honestly have no clue what a TRULY hard life is! Tonight's episodes was one of the best I have ever seen. Mike, Emily, and myself were all in tears. Emily looked at me at one point with tears in her eyes but smirking and said, "Mom I think you have cried 5 times tonight!" I just pointed at myself and mustered the word "touched". Em then replied "Mom I want to make one million Smile Boxes" and THAT is why I require my family to watch this show.
The most touching points? Honestly, all of the show tonight was touching. If you don't know the premise .... they take a very wealthy wealthy individual or couple and drop them in poverty stricken places for a week. They are given food stamps to live off of and they are instructed to search out people worthy of financial help.  This couple found 1. a fitness center that focused on building muscle in those with HIV and other debilitating diseases, 2. a center built for adults living with severe forms of autism, and 3. a center that helped children of inmates learn to beat the system.

The Autistic center touched my heart. This couple had a grandson who was diagnosed with Autism and you can tell it was very freshly engraved upon their hearts. When the wealthy gentleman explained that he asked the doctor who diagnosed his grandsons condition, "at age six will he ride the smaller bus or the regular bus" he then paused and said, "He is six and he is .........still riding the smaller bus" and a tear streamed down his face. I broke into.......SOBBING tears. I couldn't explain my reaction....I just cried, and it felt really really good! Em looked at me and said "Mom are you okay", and I nodded, and said "Yes Em I really am". Not to mention the facility they visited that encompassed inmates families. Many times families of inmates are prosecuted just like the parent is. I believe that it is not for me to judge. I refuse to give up on people. I think everyone has a good side or can at least ask for forgiveness. So what would you do? If you were out in public and you saw the "son" of a convicted serial would you treat that boy? Makes you wonder huh? Would you whisper? Would you avoid him? Would you be overly courious of him?

Jude has a pending meeting with with school district regarding his transition into public schooling at age three. Yes, he is suppose to start special education at age 3, but I think we have decided to find him tutoring and home schooling within our private walls. This is still up for debate, but it's the way we are leaning. His immune system is already so compromised that I don't think we need public education weighing in our shortening his life span. Although, I feel like he does need public interaction so I am a bit confused. I am hoping to bring in extra therapy courses including music therapy for Jude. We will make our final decision in May.

Here is a clip of the show I was talking about.

Tomorrow we get his sleep study results and I will post them as soon as I know.

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