Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jude and Em

Well Jude has not been doing this .......

without a fight. He is a bit irritable at night and only wants to be held. He also is seeming to have more seizures at night. We put a call into the neuro yesterday who cut Jude's seizure medication back. We also discussed the Keto diet. He is open to the idea of putting Jude on this diet to see if we are able to cut his medications back. He is talking to a specialist regarding Jude and the diet this weekend. If I don't hear back from him by next Thursday I will call back again. He said that since Jude now has a G button he thinks the diet may be beneficial. He also warned us that it carries risks just like the seizure medications do.

The nurse and the case worker from the medically dependent children's program came out to evaluate Jude. They both relayed to us that they have been told there aren't any cuts to the MDCP program due to the government cut backs that they are aware of. They have been told that their program is safe. I sure hope that's right!!! Maybe they know something I don't?

So Emily woke up with sore legs again this morning and her rash is beginning to resurface. We had let her go to church with a friend last night, but we now know that wasn't a good idea. She may seem well, but her immune system is just weak. So Emily is confined to home for awhile longer.

Also, I have been hunting a long white or ivory full "romantic" tutu for Emily for Kentucky........and all I have to say is WHO KNEW tutu's were SO hard to find. Sheesh. lol!


Stacey Nicole said...

I am sorry your children have not been doing well. I do hope that the people are right and funding is not cut! As for the tutus, have you tried I've only ever window shopped there, but they have some wonderful hand made items on there; you probably can find what you need there.

ChinaSuse said...

great and fast shipping place for all dance supplies.

Cjengo said...

Thanks guys. I checked Etsy and I found the one you posted China Sue but I need something really full. I think I MAY have found something we shall see. Half the problem is it's recital season and everyone is out.

Judi Music said...

Why not make your own.... I have a tutorial on my site:

It's super easy and you can make it to fit her perfectly!!

You can also google tutu tutorial. :)