Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hail, Mono, and a crying baby

Em is home again today, sigh! Last night she started complaining that her legs were hurting really bad. She had me massage them, then took Motrin, and finally went to bed. She woke up this morning saying her muscles hurt so bad she didn't want to move. I walked into her room and said " need to think about this. You can only miss 16 days of school before they send you to summer school to make it up. So do you feel bad enough to where you cannot go put up with it until ten am?" The response was "yes". So she has some more medicine in her and is sleeping it off. Tonight is my a special event for one of my family members and I am hoping Em feels up to going. I really think this is just a reaction to how tired she was from school yesterday.

On the other hand Jude is doing well except he did NOT want to be put down last night for any reason. He will let you know if you put him down too. He was very difficult to get to bed, but he finally gave up and fell asleep. Mike met with the teachers in regards to Jude starting school. They discussed the fact that a homebound teacher only comes a few hours a week. Although, in my mind that is equivilant to the amount of therapy he is getting now. The teacher really believes Jude will do better at the school and she said they are going to deem him medically fragile. Our nurse will get to go with him if we choose to send him. We are still up in the air on what the best decision is for Jude. I know that I am not trained in therapy and special education so having a professional work with Jude would probably be the best choice. Although, I am worried about his weak immune system. Home schooling is a choice, but again I am not professionaly trained to work with special education and neither is Mike. In addition Mike will be starting work soon......we hope. So it's a big decision we have to make by September.

For those of you that read my blog out of the state of TX. I would like to introduce you to the reason we have the highest insurance rates in the nation. Yes, I said the highest. I have been an insurance agent for 19 years ... I started in 1992. (Hold on let me soak in the fact I am old.) Anyway, in my years I have taken a lot of claims do to this pesky little ice ball called........HAIL. This fell outside my office yesterday. Yes, that's the size of a golfball.


Reagan Leigh said...

Just wondering if Jude has had any sort of immune testing that clearly shows he is immune compromised? Maybe his immune system is stronger than you think?? Just a thought. We didn't know the severity of Reagan's immune issues until we had her tested. Now we're stuck doing homebound indefinitely.

jocalyn said...

Yeah...good luck with the nurse/school thing...we were assured Kendalls nurse could go with her, but it is not working out like we hoped!!! Lots of fighting. IDEA assures a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment, but ultimately you and your Drs make that decision. Dont lat them talk you into something you're not comfortable with!! With the cuts in Medicaid and education, nothing is guaranteed anymore.

Katy said...

School has been FANTASTIC for Charlie--it's really helped jog him out of his own little world and made him so much more aware of other people and environments. I don't know if he will always go to school--I worry about him getting lost in the shuffle--but right now he is getting a ton out of it.