Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A doctor's visit

I failed to post yesterday because I was FREAKING BUSY...lol! I was so busy at work that 5:30 seemed to arrive in about 20 minutes, now that's a good day! Also, I was waiting to hear what the results were at Jude's doctor visit.

Jude, Mike, and Charlotte made the long treck out to Texas Child Neurology and Plano to see our beloved Dr Riela. There were comments made about Jude's height and how big he has gotten. Jude then saw his great neurologist who proclaimed that Jude looks the best he has ever seen him. He said he has a couple of concerns about Jude's sleeping issues. He said they are one of the following...

1. Sleep Apnea....which may be a possibility because Jude snores, and this is a huge concern.
2. Seizures
4. Spasms or startles

It seems that Dr Riela is leaning more towards startle reflexes. Jude's startles are more exaggerated and look like more like seizures than most baby startles. So Dr Riela suggested a 24 hour sleep study for Jude. The doctor said there is a possibility Jude is seizure free and we are mistaking the startles for seizures. He said either one could be waking him up, but seizures at night are not a good thing.  Either way they will be adding medication, or adjusting medication. He said if they are startles when he wants to give Jude a medication that will stop them, and help him sleep. He said lack of sleep can induce seizures in him, so we need to get this situation handled. Mike then told me about the effects on the parents. He was told that parents that go this long without proper sleep start seeing ill affects on their health. Their body starts breaking down, organs start swelling, stomach issues arise, and etc. So I think they want to get this remedied for all of us. So Jude will be going for his 24 hour sleep study soon.

Jude was up and down from 2am on last night, so it was another restless night. I wanted to quit mommy duty for 48 hrs about 4 am this morning.

It will eventually all work out I am sure of it. Now back to work, and back to hunting a vehicle.


sarah said...

a sleep study is a good thing. My husband is epileptic, and has fairly bad sleep apnea. I have to tell you that once his apnea was identified, and he started on CPAP, his seizure frequency went down. He actually had about 2 years seizure free before he had another seizure--after he went on a camping trip and stayed up too late too many nights in a row.

Candace said...

I am sure it must be so frustrating and tiring. When you don't have the answers and are worn down from no sleep it is terrible! Sure hope that the test gives you some answers.