Monday, March 14, 2011

Brother and Sister

Last night I was trying to get Jude's medications ready, his breathing treatment set up, and his food line started. Jude did not want me to put him down or he was start getting fussy. So Emily helped me out and when I came back in from getting everything ready this is what I found.  (Forgive Jude's lil belly they were in their Pj's)

I thought it was very sweet. He loves Emily very much.

A quick prayer for Delaney's family please. I mentioned her fight with cancer the other day and the little girl earned her Angel wings last night. She may be in a better place but that doesn't make her mothers pain any less real.

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Amber said...

Oh my goodness, cuteness! She is so good with him, and you can see just how much he loves her :) Thanks for sharing, you have some adorable children, you are so blessed.