Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A crazy kind of day and is the baby sick?

Yesterday I got a call from my sister that my step-mom that just had knee replacement surgery wasn't doing as well as they had hoped. She had to have a blood transfusion and pneumonia had settled in her lungs. My understanding is that this in not to uncommon after this procedure but it was still concerning to her family members. While talking to my sister I got a call from Mike that they may be heading to the ER with Jude. Thus are the days of my life, lol. Anyway, after much debate and me getting very irritated Mike decided to keep Jude on a wait and see basis. I got irritated because I felt like Mike wanted me to make the decision if he should take Jude to the ER and I was at work. I know this wasn't the case.......maybe it was just the stress of the situation that upset me. Anyway, what led to the contemplation? Jude had slept a whole lot yesterday and was very whiney all day. Any time Charlotte would touch his head Jude would pucker out his bottom lip and then cry and cry. She said he just wasn't himself at all.

When I got home Jude was asleep again and slept until about 8pm. This is a lengthy nap for Jude and I was growing a bit concerned. When he woke up I took his temp and it was a bit elevated, but not much. He was also all smiles......so we were perplexed. Jude went back to sleep for bed time without little issue and slept until 3:30 this morning. When he woke up he was pretty congested but he never threw up. Once Charlotte got there I walked in to give Jude kisses. I grabbed his little face and suddenly his bottom lip puckered out. I said "No no Jude don't cry mommy is sorry". His lip quivered but he finally stopped before he actually began to cry. So the question is........

1. Is the new asthma medication giving him headaches? I am a bit doubtful on this because this morning when I grabbed his face he had not had his breathing treatment yet.

2. Does he have an ear infection from all his congestion?

3. Does he have another lung issue going on?

4. Is he battling the CDIF again because we are seeing some less than cheery diapers.

So little Mr Jude is heading to his pediatricians office today at 10:30. We know he has been battling something on and off for about two weeks now. So hopefully they can give us some resolution.


Holly Mackerel said...

Jenn, we've had a virus going around here that is somewhat mild. The symptoms are a KILLER headache, fatigue, and some stomach upset. It lasts for a day or two. Maybe this is the case?

jocalyn said...

did he have a flu shot? my son did but got flu b... apparently flu a (which is the one the flu shot has been preventing) comes with really bad headaches and makes them very lethargic. poor baby. i hope you get some answers. it's always such a guessing game. ugh.