Thursday, March 3, 2011

breathing a little easier.

I am better. I sometimes have to have a bit of a melt down and then I realize what's important. I am blessed we have good doctors that can care for Jude. Jude didn't ask to be a member of the special needs club, and we have to help him the best way possible. He is breathing a bit easier tonight, and overall seems happy.

I am very worried about all the possible cuts pending for the MDCP program. I am really not sure what we would do without nursing, and Jude's medicaid. So I wrote letters again all over the place today, and I will wait to see what happens.

Jude's nebulizer will be here tomorrow by noon, and he will start his new medications. I plan on calling the doctor myself to find out his exact diagnosis. Mike said he wanted me to talk to the doctor because he thinks he forgot some of the information.

I went to Emily's open house tonight, and I am just so very proud of her. I will post more tomorrow!!!

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sarah said...

I think the melt downs are our coping mechanism. Like a pressure valve on the pressure cooker of our lives...and being chronically tired and under stress ( even if it is your norm)is enough to make anyone cranky.