Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are all Pookers!

I have been working on getting Jude in a routine on going to bed. I think we use the excuse he is special needs to let him get away with to much. So lately between 9 - 9:30 he gets all his medications and his breathing treatment......IN BED. Then after that we tell him goodnight, shut off the lights, and he goes to sleep. Last night he slept fairly well. He would wake up wanting to be repositioned, but he quickly fell back to sleep. Well about 4:45am Mike springs from the bed at lightning speed. Have you ever seen the cartoon with the cat that is so scared it's hanging from the ceiling by it's claws? That would have been ME! It scared me to death. Mike screamed "JUDE IS PUKING" while running to Jude's room. We don't use the poliete word throw up anymore. So we went running to his room......but Jude was fine. So Mike looked perplexed and said "is it the cat" looking up towards our loft. Then the tale tale sign of was Emily. I ran upstairs to find her on her hands in knees in the loft in misery. She didn't even make it to the bathroom. I am hoping and I don't think it's a virus. She has such a sensitive stomach and since we normally eat fairly healthy she gets ill when she eats bad. She confessed to lot's of junk food yesterday. So I cleaned and scrubbed the carpet in the loft, put Em back to bed, and walked downstairs to find Jude wide awake with Mike. Mike in Jude's voice said "Momma I didn't know sissy was a pooker?? I am a pooker, Sissy is a pooker, we are all pookers" and then yep Jude puked! lol. So our day started off with a bang. Helllllllllo Wednesday.

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Holly Mackerel said...

Yeah, she did eat about 9 pieces of pizza over here... I didn't know til after the fact.