Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sleep Study

I thought I was feeling better yesterday and could see the light at the end of this sick tunnel I have been in. Today I feel even worse than I did and I am so annoyed!!! I have a Scentsy party at 2pm and I have no idea how I am going to muddle through it. I am hoping this medicine I just took will kick in. I am in a pretty foul mood too and don't even want anyone to talk to me.

Jude's sleep study went well. The boys got home about 7am and nurse Allen came in to let us all sleep for awhile. The results have to be read by the neurologist but the technician did reveal a bit to Mike. He said Jude had focal spikes throughout the night. He also said that we had labeled startle seizures and the doctor said he thought it was a natural baby reaction are indeed seizures. He also said Jude is seizing right before he wakes up and they think it's leg pain too. The doctor will not want Jude sleeping at night so they will most likely prescribe a sedative. The seizures will prevent Jude from learning and progressing.

So we are waiting on the official report but we do know a few things.


sarah said...

not sure if Jude is on seizure meds, and if he is, what he is on. My husband has issues with seizures starting as he wakes up from his sleep levels too. They did a 24 hour EEG about 12 years ago and discovered it. I think they said tegretol was their first choice med for this type of seizure. He was on it for quite a few years, and when it started showing some permanent side effects, they switched him to Dilantin.

I sure hope they figure out the right med combination for little Jude so he can reach his full potential!

Cjengo said...

Yes Jude is on Felbatol and Depakene. Felbatol is kinda the last resort for seizures, but we are thankful his seizures are controlled