Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello early AM.

Well it's 3:30am and I am up...again. This is one of those times I cannot go back to sleep after Jude has woken up. The bad thing is it seems Jude is sick. Last night we were sitting on the couch and just suddenly Jude started bark coughing like a seal. He wasn't running a fever, but his cough sounded terrible. I took him to bed with me, and little Jude fell fast asleep. It's now early in the am and he just woke up doing the same thing. He is still not running a fever but the blood ox shows his reading to be 94. The blood ox machine isn't always reliable because Jude crunches his toe, but his toes were very relaxed, so therefore I am a bit concerned. I am hoping he has not aspirated on any of this vomit and has started to develop an infection. I just gave him some Motrin to relieve his discomfort and he went back to sleep after coughing for a bit. The morning will host a trip to the dr or the ER depending on how quickly his new pediatrician can get him in.


Reagan Leigh said...

I need your number! I could have called you! I've been up since 2am with Reagan. She's 100% awake and other than a few yawns, she's shown NO sign of sleepiness (but at least she's been happy). There's nothing worse than being up the entire night with a miserable, crying child (believe me, I've been there)! It's 7:20 now, so the best I can hope for is to get a couple hours rest sometime today while the nurse is here.

jocalyn said...

croup is always worse at night! we don't even mess with it anymore...just head straight to the er for a racemic epinepherine treatment and a steroid. steam and cold air never works on kendall. and a neb treatment doesn't help with the throat swelling. we stay for two hours to see if her strider clears and if it does we head home, otherwise we do it all over again. in my opinion, it beats waiting it out at home, as it makes her feel better almost immediately. croup hurts!

hang in there.

Holly Mackerel said...

T is all snotty and gunky, too. Here's hoping it's just something in the air.