Monday, March 7, 2011

See I can play with toys!

I hate that this picture turned out fuzzy, but this is Jude playing with his toy. Some of our friends got this for Jude when he was tiny. He actually plays with it! He does his best to get his hand up there to push the buttons to make the music play. I am so impressed he can do this. I wonder how he would do with music therapy?

Jude was up and down again last night. We are looking into the Leckey Sleepform Has anyone had any experience with this product? It's suppose to help children sleep better. It is also suppose to help prevent hip displacement which looks to already be a problem with Jude.

He woke up pretty upset this morning, but I have heard a report that he is very happy now.

See my hair cut?

My new breathing treatments


Tara said...

Chloe has that same toy and loves it! I net he would do well in music therapy. Music is usually a great motivator.

Suzie said...

I came across your blog a few days ago and started reading it from the very beginning. My internet stopped working last night and it was already 11:30pm and I had 3 more entries until I was caught up with your blog! I was slightly upset but caught up this evening.

You have amazing children and I know that wonderful things will keep on happening to you. Emily is a remarkable young woman. I am so impressed by everything she has done... I wouldn't be shocked if Emily's Smile Boxes went worldwide! Jude is a such a blessing. I nanny for a 3.5yo and a 9mo and I cannot imagine what you and Mike go through on a daily basis. He is so fortunate to have parents who will never give up on him. I really hope you guys get some sleep soon! :)

Suzie from Sacramento, CA