Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Jude update.

It seems that after Mike comes to bed in the wee hours of the morning I am on high alert for Jude noise. I have now decided that I wake up at every single sound Jude makes. So last night when I had gotten up to Jude wanting to be repositioned for the sixth time I was a bit on edge. When our cat Scooter clawed at the front door to get in a few electrical sparks shot out my eyebrows from being so irritated. So I let the said cat in only to have him want right back out once I laid back down. I then grabbed his furry booty, put him in the garage and shut the door...........only to have Mike's dog Lady start he consistent barking at our back door. This led to World War III that was played out in my bedroom this morning with nurse Charlotte in the other room. I was ready to get rid of animals, and eliminate stress. Poor Charlotte heard us yelling ... ugh! Good thing Em was at her cousins and Charlotte probably gets it. Mike and I have since moved on and found more important things to concentrate on.

Jude was very clingy last night and really didn't seem himself. Charlotte said he was having the same problem this afternoon. It seems tonight is going to be no different. I think Jude is cutting molars and he is NOT a happy camper at all. Jude is still throwing up but it seems to be limited now to about 5-6 times around 6pm. It also seems to be in direct corelation to Jude trying to go to the bathroom. Odd how our bodies work when our brains don't work correctly.

I am taking Friday off this week. I need to take care of my car situation and then we are going to Emily's big weekend I mentioned. She is very excited.

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