Friday, March 11, 2011

Jude is actually afraid of.........

Throughout Jude's life I have wondered if there is anything that he is truly afraid of. We know  from prior situations that Jude is truly a stroke victim caught in a body that won't respond correctly. You can tell Jude wants to talk, walk, or just move but his body just won't cooperate. So I have always wondered if Santa or other childhood images ever scared Jude, and he failed to let us know. Well tonight I got an answer. I apologize to Rachelle and Docia but very very scared.........of the GLO-WORM!

I took his cute little blue glo-worm out of his toy bin and nestled it under Jude's arm as he was going to sleep. I switched the music on the toy to play for a longer period of time and I left his room thinking Jude would drift off to sleep. Soon I heard him ...... not just screaming, but bawling. I raced into his room and scooped him into my arms consoling him as much as possible. Mike made random funny rude remarks about how Jude expected the norm where mommy held him until he fell asleep. So I chalked his cries up to wanting mom and nothing more. Although I soon began to notice that every time I put his gloworm next to Jude his bottom lip would pucker out and tears would begin to fall from his eyes. I began to wonder, "does he really have an aversion to this toy? Is his brain working to that capacity". I called Emily over to be my witness and when I placed the cute little worm with it's glowing face and singing nature next to him, Jude began to pucker out his lip in sadness. Emily had her interest peaked and ran to tell Mike to watch our new found discovery. He came into the room saying, "I have never found anything that Jude responds to more than once". Well now you HAVE! Jude immediately began to pucker up his lip in sadness and Mike looked surprised. 

We were perplexed. We wanted to throw the Glowworm far away, but another part of us wanted to show everyone we knew that Jude did indeed have normal brain activity. So I opted to take the toy show it to Jude, and throw it across the living room telling him the scary worm was gone. I told him to trust that mommy would always take care of him. He ..........snuggled into my shirt and went sound asleep. 

Jude understands a lot more than anyone gives him credit for.

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