Monday, March 28, 2011

a little update

THANK goodness ....... I am finally FEELING better! My head is still very stuffed up and I still somewhat resemble Oscar the Grouch when speaking, but overall I am 100% better than what I was. I told everyone that the infection I caught resembled the black plague mentioned in the Bible. All kidding aside...I am worried about Jude catching what I had.  My immune system had a hard time handling it.........I am not sure what his would do. After several rounds of 875mg of antibiotic I am finally seeing the light.  I tried to resist the medication until the doctor asked me if I was "serious". Tonight was the first night I picked Jude up and nestled him close since I have been sick. I figured that a weeks worth of antibiotics should keep me from being contagious. Jude was SO happy to have me holding him. He smiled, and giggled, and nestled into me. Being close to people makes Jude happy. I know he is getting bigger so I wonder how we will cradle him when he is ten..........but we will find a way.

I feel like I am pretty out of touch with everyone since I have been sick.  I have the capability of keeping up with my multiple jobs, friends, and family when I am well. In fact, I LOVE IT! I love being busy and talking to everyone. Although when I am sick I lose track. 

Due to my recent sickness I have learned that people could be doing more to help me at home when I get in from work.  We had a bit of a come to Jesus meeting at my house tonight. Not everyone wanted to attend the meeting, but those that did seemed to grasp why I might have some issues with the lack of tasks being done when I am at work.

Just a few more day until the Emily's Smile Boxes Spring box making party. I am very happy this is being completed :). Lot's of kids will benefit from these 200 boxes being made.  

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