Sunday, February 27, 2011

My birthday

It's my birthday! It's gotten to the point that if someone asks me how old I am, I have to stop and count on fingers.'s been a very relaxing weekend. Friday night Emily and I went to my "birthday dinner" together, and picked her out a new pageant dress. She said "Mommy are you sure you want to do this for your birthday?". I said "Of course Em, spending time with you and buying you something nice is the best birthday ever". She seemed very happy, and we had a GREAT time that night. Saturday Emily competed for the second time at her district UIL competition. Her school came away with second place, a huge trophy, and Emily got an all star cast award. I am very proud of her. Today I am going to see my friend Flecks new pad, and then later we are heading to Springtown for a dress fitting, and to visit some long time friends. I am lucky to have such good friends in my life. Last night Mike called my friend Linda in Springtown "family" and I thought that was so nice!

Jude was up a lot last night and Mike slept through it. So Mike got up with Jude this morning and I slept until 10:30!!! That's amazing. So it's been a weekend of catching up on sleep, spending time with my family, and just taking it easy.

The only thing that was not relaxing was trying to buy a mini van that will accommodate Jude's wheelchair. Due to our financial struggle and when Mike had to give up his job two years ago my credit is SHOT. I hate to admit it and it seems like something personal, but I am honest about what having a medically dependent child does to your life. I had to walk away from perfect credit and accept we had to take care of the important things. I refuse to have a co-signer so this has become a bit of a hassle, but I will get it done. I have faith it will all work out, and it will. I have a great job that I have been at since 2/1995, I make a good living, and I always find a way.

I am still not sure what is happening with the job Mike is hoping for. They said it could take up to a month to get the job created. I am praying and praying that it pans out. It will make our lives so much easier.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes by facebook, and text :)

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Debbie said...

happy birthday...glad it's been so enjoyable and relaxing!