Monday, February 7, 2011


A quick little update. I am on Maui time, and therefore my schedule is all messed up, but hey...who is complaining. The weather still presented problems for us into the weekend, and on Friday our sweet travel friend informed us we really needed to fly out early. Luckily fate had already put our nurses, and family in place to make this happen. I was worried about leaving because the other girl/friend at my office is very sick, but my boss assured me I could go. So Mike and I rushed around the house in a fast pace to the point that Emily......had her very first panic attack. I found her in the bathroom on the floor with her blankie, pillow, and a bucket in case she got sick. She thought it was her stomach, but I soon found out she was worried about something happening to us. I assured her we would be fine. We soon flew out to LAX, and we spent the night. We got about two hours sleep and then quickly we jetted out of LAX towards Maui. It was the longest flight ever, but so worth it. We met a wonderful musician, that provided a lot of great conversation, and then we landed in the beautiful Island.

It was a bit of a drive from the airport to our studio, but it's amazing. The air smells of fresh flowers, with the ocean in one view, and the mountains in the other. We are beginning to unwind from our long trip and are beginning to distress. We have an amazing set of friends and family who made this happen. Boy, we are lucky people!!! We aren't sure what are plans are for tomorrow. We decided not to book anything in advance so we didn't have a schedule to keep.........and that sounds amazing. Our tiny studio is so romantic and set back in far up country. I cannot wait to share.

Me saying Aloha Maui!

My aunts, and Fleck both assure me the kids are well. I miss them already, but mommy is being recharged :)


Gilda said...

Oh, so glad you guys made to Maui you so deserve it. Have fun and relax!can't wait to see the pics:)

The Henrys said...

I'm so happy that you made it to Maui!! Have an amazing time and please share pictures with us!

Our Journey said...

so glad you made it!! hope you have the most awesome time!! now you can officially say you have good luck, YOU MADE IT!!

eat a pineapple for me :)

Debbie said...

OMGosh!!!! Good for YOU!!!!

I am a bit jealous :)
but REALLY happy for you guys...hope it is a wonderful stress free time deserve it!!!!!!

Sherry C said...

Fabulous! enjoy every minute of this special time.