Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't take me seriously...

Well after reading my last post I figured I was being a bit negative so I thought I would bring myself into check, and explain. My friends and family know that I laugh about my luck rather than complain about it. I appreciate the sweet comments I received on my last post on here, Facebook, and email.  Just know that it's all a big laugh to me, and I am not serious about being upset. Well...if I am upset, I get over it shortly.

So let's re-cap the last few years in pictures. After my divorce I was convinced I would never find love again. I took Emily and myself, and made a few bad decisions, and a few good ones. I lost myself in my prior marriage. My husband was a great man, but we grew apart, and had nothing in common. I can now admit I used him to replace people that were missing from my life. I didn't know it at the time, but I can look back and acknowledge what I did.

The above is sultry Jenn....I was recently divorced and realized I was truly a beautiful woman....this was a hard lesson to learn. The short denim skirt is now hiding in a bin, but I once fit in it :). So that tiny denim skirt is my claim to fame! I laugh at this photo...I thought I was a hot shot.

This is myself, my beautiful sister, and my friend Rod about 4 years ago. Notice the wrinkle free face? My sister and I didn't talk for about 15 years (long story and no fault of hers), but she is now one of my best friends. She was there the night I met Mike.

When I met Mike I thought little about a future union, although when I saw him around Emily my heart melted. He truly fell in love with Emily as a daughter which is just as important as falling in love with me as wife.

The above picture speaks for itself. Just think.....our wedding facility burnt down TWO weeks before our wedding, but we pulled it together with help from loving family and friends.

Soon after our marriage I found out I was pregnant with our precious Jude. Little did we know the special issues that would accompany our son. My best friend Ginger above was there for me through the whole situation, and still is. Regardless of what stupid mistakes I make she is there to pat my back, and to high five me when I make a great decision, like having Jude.

Mike had the son he always wanted.

Our first night ever in an ER....this is before we knew. Isn't it strange to look at this picture, and know we had no clue that what they saw on the MRI in utero was a massive stroke?

Emily darling daughter...she didn't care about Jude's diagnosis, she just loved him.

                                            and after lots of medication Jude lost his beautiful smile, but through a much needed miracle he found it again.

and to think....all because of Jude, and a sweet sister, Emily's Smile Boxes was born!

So what started the reflection on my life that led to the above pictures? Who knows, but I can say that after my car wreck in 01 (above) I began to search for who I was, and what I meant to the world. I began to re-evaluate my life, and what I had done with it. I suddenly realized that I had not done much, and that life was short.  I also began to realize that material possessions don't mean much and that what we get upset about today means very little tomorrow unless it has a true meaning in your soul.  We shouldn't take people for granted, jobs for granted, or anything else for that matter. We should have a sense of humor, and truly listen to what someone has to say. I regret not taking better care of my grandmother after my grandfather passed. I regretted a lot, but I planned to be proud of my future....and I am.  So don't take me serious when I complain. Do I want to make it to Maui? You bet, but will I be upset if I don't?
Nah, we will find something else to do.......I promise, and maybe it will be with purpose.   

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