Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little update from Maui

I am lucky! We are having a great time in Maui. We haven't really scheduled ......anything, which is awesome. We are just winging each day and going at our own pace. I even have time to text friends pictures and log online which is nice. 

It's a very different way of life here.  The trucks are fitted with steel structures that hold surfboards, and boogie boards. Everyone dresses down and they all wear their swimsuits with cover ups into any restaurant including the fanciest steak house. No one moves in a fast pace and if you do they look at you like you are insane. The words "No worries", "Aloha", and "Ma halo" keep escaping everyones lips.Today we went down to the ocean during high tide so Mike could take pictures of the surfers. He couldn't find any to photograph, but I took off up the ocean line on a long hike until I found some awesome shots for him. The ocean is a deep blue and the locals that frequent the backside of the beaches include native Hawaiians and hippies that bare it all. Mike fretted about passing the "naky's", as I like to call them, on our way to shoot the surfers. Once Mike set up his camera I settled into a hillside and breathed in the beautiful ocean air. I sat there for about an hour admiring Mike taking pictures.  There were "naky" little kids running about, and all the surfers in the water, and many others just walking around. After awhile the locals began to approach Mike asking if he was selling the pictures he was taking. They seemed to be very interested in his shots, and with reason. His shots are incredible, and I think they could tell he knew what he was doing.

Our studio is in up country and we are secluded from the normal tourist I love it. It's very me, and I am so happy to be here. There windows outlining the entire studio so we can see the ocean from one side, and the mountains from the other side. I am able to text and call my family on a continuous basis which makes me feel so much more relaxed. Everyone relaxes in their own way, and staying in touch with my people helps me accomplish finding down time. I have talked to Emily several times and she seems to be very happy. From what I have been told Jude is also very happy, but looks around for me when they ask him where Mommy is at. Tomorrow they expect bad weather in DFW again........thank to LORD I am here. Our nurses, and family got together to figure out the best course of action. I love everyone is being taken care of. I owe my family a ton!

I love this photo........the flower was BLACK! It just stood out, and was so unique.

 High Tide.
A mama whale and a baby whale

Me just reflecting on life.

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